Simplot Motor Control Center


Client: Simplot
Project Type: JR Simplot’s hellm facility
(nitric acid plant and ammonia storage)

About this Project

Industrial projects like this new Motor Control Center for JR Simplot’s ammonia storage and nitric acid production plant often require extreme scheduling demands. This foundation is being placed at night to avoid disruption of plant operations. Scheduling adjustments were necessary throughout the construction process to accommodate design or equipment changes and various change orders. This project required multiple shutdowns and re-mobilizations over the course of construction . . . all integrated seamlessly.

This plant runs 24/7 365 days a year.  They shut down only twice per year.  The plant needed to run while we did construction.  Nothing could shut down the plant.  If it lost operation, it would have cost $20,000/hour.  This became a puzzle to coordinate all the schedules.  Despite these challenges, the job went very fast and came in on time and on budget.