Automotive Service Facility


Client: Sunny Skys Smog Shop
Project Type: Smog and lube shop

About this Project

New commercial construction projects often present unique challenges. Sometimes one’s resource team can make the difference between the possible and the impossible. When we were approached with the underground construction, excavation, and shoring demands of this project, and told  “it can’t be done” — at least not without incurring excessive costs for engineering, design, and implementation — we sought out a geotechnical engineering firm that wasn’t afraid to explore alternative solutions. Working together, we were able to design a simple and cost-effective solution to the engineering challenges presented with this project.

We went from bare dirt to excavation, formwork, concrete, underground, foundation work, and structural steel.  We had to pour a slab that would hold 10,000-20,000 pound service vehicles.  The floor deck had to have a load capacity of 10-20,000 lbs.  It was about 10 inches thick with service pits.  A lot of structural work went into this building.

Here we are beginning to excavate for our sub-grade service bays.


Smog Shop