There are many contractor companies and as a commercial contractor, having the right team is critical to project success. We have an extensive network of industry professionals. We ensure that every job is completed to our exacting standards and clients’ expectations. As a full-service general contractor, we provide services to a wide variety of commercial and industrial concerns. We stay aware of our customers’ operations and schedules. We minimize down time and delays resulting in the potential for lost revenue.

Cost Savings Through Planning

Contractor companies’ project efficiency is paramount in every area: planning and design, engineering, personnel and supervision, equipment, materials acquisition and scheduling. Tasks, seemingly as basic as a concrete slab can present numerous challenges. This was the case for a new concrete slab for a commercial truck wash. Site prep for this truck wash was accomplished quickly using large, state of the art equipment as opposed to smaller, less efficient equipment. Although this equipment came at a greater cost, it was offset by the accelerated project completion – a considerable savings for a contractor companies’ clients! We created additional cost savings by implementing extremely aggressive scheduling. By scheduling some operations at night, we were able to find even more savings and opportunity to keep the project on track and running smoothly – a key concern to many of our larger clients with extensive operations, large fleets and huge overhead.

Importance Of A Good Team

We at Kershaw Development Inc have worked tirelessly to build a strong network of associates. We take pride in all of our valued suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. They play a big role in our continued success. They have helped us to become a formidable force in the construction industry. By developing such a strong team of service and material providers, we perform more efficiently and cost effectively than most contractor companies. These are both critical concerns for all of our valued customers. From small family-based operations to corporations employing thousands, profitability is directly related to efficiency. This is no more evident than in project performance and completion — time really is money!

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