Pouring a concrete slab at night requires a strong network of associates. We at Kershaw Development Inc have worked tirelessly to build a strong network of associates. We take pride in all of our valued suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. They play a big role in our continued success and have helped us to become a formidable force in the construction industry. By developing such a strong team of service and material providers, we are able to perform more efficiently and cost effectively  —  both critical concerns for all of our valued customers. From small family-based operations to corporations employing thousands, providing cost-savings is directly related to project performance and completion. This holds true not only for large scale projects, but for smaller ones as well.

For instance, pouring a concrete slab may at first seem to be a fairly basic construction project — and usually you would be correct. Sometimes though, these can present interesting challenges when weather, 80,000 lb. loads and a quick turnaround come into play . This was the case for one of our longtime clients, Knight and Swift Transportation. These two industry leaders recently merged to form the largest long-haul trucking company worldwide. We have completed numerous projects for them as a commercial contractor, often requiring challenging work schedules.

We try to accommodate our clients’ ongoing business operation to avoid lost revenue and delays in delivery schedules. Sometimes we have to perform operations at night, on weekends, etc. The mindset: whatever it takes to get the job done and keep our truckers trucking. This involves almost every facet of a construction project. Planning and design, engineering, material procurement and delivery, subcontract negotiations, scheduling, to name a few.

Pouring a concrete slab for our client’s truck wash required a night operation and a special concrete mix design. We produced the high-early strength needed for the 80,000 lb. truck and trailers, while maintaining workability in +110 temperature. This + 4,000 PSI mix design is water-tight, freeze/thaw and chemical resistant and will serve our client well for decades. There is no room for errors in high demand operations. This is our task, as an experienced and knowledgeable general building contractor: to ensure success through exacting execution.

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